ZK/U BerlinBerlin, Germany
Focus areas
Climate Action


ZK/U is a residency and platform for creative and urban experimentation. Focused on bridging global discourses with local action, ZK/U brings together critical minds at the cutting-edge of artistic production and urban research. Work at ZK/U is informed by theoretical and practical interventions in urban space emerging from research across the social sciences and humanities. Offering spatial and programmatic support for locally grown, self-organised initiatives, ZK/U collaborates in the creation of innovative solutions to the social and ecological challenges facing our cities. A capacity-building program, public space interventions, low-tech prototyping, and artistic research are among ZK/U’s many strategies for facilitating new visions and for possibilities for urban development.
Local goals
Mobilising disadvantaged communities
Mobilising disadvantaged communities and supporting awareness sensitivity for the dramatic ecological changes we are facing.
Creating unusual spaces
Creating unusual spaces for encounters and learning, with an aim to provide a solid knowledge foundation for understanding the socio-ecological transition needed.
Creating formats together
Creating formats together with both self-organised initiatives and neighbourhood communities addressing topics such as sustainable mobility or food production.
Providing capacity-building programmes
Providing capacity-building programmes for 10 to 15 emerging self-organised communities.
Offering spatial and programmatic support
Offering spatial and programmatic support for 10 to 15 self-organised initiatives in order to test, experiment or upgrade existing projects, campaigns and pedagogies.