Spaces of Adaptation
Nurturing sustainable practices through unusual community spaces
ZK/U BerlinBerlin, Germany
Focus areas
Climate Action


ZK/U will use unusual meeting spaces to facilitate new encounters and knowledge exchange in neighbourhood communities facing social and ecological transition. These spaces are intended to mobilise disadvantaged communities in particular and to support them in building awareness of and sensitivity to the dramatic ecological changes we are facing. ZK/U will also collaborate with self-organised initiatives and neighbourhood groups to develop new educational formats designed to address topics such as sustainable mobility and food production.


Using unusual spaces of encounter and education can activate disadvantaged communities to engage in sustainable practices.


  • Increase initiatives in the network from 10 to 15 in the first year
  • Increase number of participants from 300 to 550
  • Increased percentage of participants from vulnerable groups
  • Increased number of initiatives initiated by vulnerable groups
  • Number of new products and services produced by vulnerable groups