Spaces of Adaptation
An ecosystem for rural entrepreneurship and climate change mitigation
BASIS Vinschgau VenostaSilandro, Italy
Focus areas


BASIS Vinschgau Venosta acts a multi-use hub for building a network of socially conscious and ecologically oriented cooperatives in the rural Venosta Valley. By bringing people together in one space and working together as a single platform focused on equitable regional development, BASIS functions as a launchpad for entrepreneurship and climate mitigation that also serves rural needs. Moreover, the work of rebuilding the physical space at BASIS will serve as a regional model for circular economy sourcing and sustainable renovation and construction.


Providing a physical platform for rural entrepreneurship and sustainable renovation will lead to regional behavioural and cultural change.


  • Number of professionals and community leaders involved in the engagement of sustainable change and socio-ecological transformation.
  • Number of residents in Venosta Valley using or benefiting from products and services generated by local initiatives through the BASIS platform.