Spaces of Adaptation
Focus areas


Residencies at BASIS Vinschgau Venosta and four new satellite locations invite artist collectives to work with local communities, cultural initiatives, and spaces to iteratively develop a new regional creative network founded on sustainability and rural-urban connectedness. Unfolding over a four-year period, the programme aims to develop cohesive conceptual models for developing regional and community-based creative networks that also strive to support EU sustainability and environmental goals.


Locally grounded, locally grown artist collectives can strengthen the region’s creative sector and contribute to environmental resilience through urban-rural integration.


  • Number of artist collectives in residencies
  • Number of cultural spaces joining the network
  • Geographic reach of the network
  • Number of successful urban-rural linkages and collaborations
  • Diversity of communities impacted by and integrated into the network
  • Development of a generalizable model for building similar networks elsewhere