Spaces of Adaptation
Free spaces for citizen-led climate action
City of AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands
Focus areas
Climate Action


A seven-hectare former sewage plant in Amsterdam-North will be transformed into a green and climate-neutral public space that also houses new experiments in ecological live-work housing. The site will also connect with socially disadvantaged and economically depressed neighbourhoods to offer training resources and education in community-based sustainable development. Two additional locations are planned to follow.


Facilitating bottom-up, inclusive approaches to urban development and land-use will promote new sustainable communities and behaviours.


  • Number of people that use urban agriculture and sustainable mobility in the neighbourhoods surrounding the experimental spaces.
  • Number of skill sharing and educational projects initiated in the neighbourhoods in the surrounding areas.
  • Number of climate initiatives and organisations for climate change activism that make use of the spaces available in the experimental work-living communities.
  • Number of SMEs founded in the spaces and surrounding areas that are innovative in sustainable practices.