Spaces of Adaptation
From bio-economy to green architecture
Critical ConcretePorto, Portugal
Focus areas


Critical Concrete’s workspaces, knowledge hub, and Repair Cafés empower local communities to discover and apply sustainable, socially responsible design and architecture solutions in their neighbourhoods. By supporting experiential learning in sustainable, vernacular construction and social urbanism, Critical Concrete not only disseminates the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for community change, but also offers training for high-quality jobs. This prototype directly supports skill sharing and knowledge exchange for 10 to 15 local self-organised initiatives working in low-tech and natural building techniques. A focus on collaborative methods and civic awareness and engagement targets youth and social entrepreneurs in particular.


Making open-source, low-cost and low-tech environment and climate solutions more widely available leads to increased participation in the new green economy.


  • Number of self-organised initiative participants trained in low-tech, natural building techniques and materials development.
  • Number of initiatives acting as multipliers and disseminators of sustainable design/architecture practices and methods.