City of AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands
Focus areas
Climate Action


City of Amsterdam is the governing body of the Netherlands capital of the same name. As a global leader in urban policy innovation, City of Amsterdam coordinates a variety of inclusive, equitable social and cultural initiatives that contribute to European Green Deal goals. For Spaces of Adaptation, City of Amsterdam continues its work on a Free Space Policy that provides a regulatory pathway for self-organised social, cultural, and green initiatives to acquire spaces for experimental living and working communities.
Local goals
Provision of the resource of municipal land
Provision of the resource of municipal land for the development of three bigger locations, where these initiatives can scale up and connect to socially and economically deprived neighbourhoods for training and education of sustainable behavioural change.
Working on policy development
Working on policy development together with the self-organised free space initiatives in a participatory way. Involving local expert groups (NGOs), sustainable entrepreneurs (cross-sectoral), and independent academic monitoring into new processes, platforms and toolkits.