Spaces of Adaptation
Sustainable construction & architecture
Critical ConcretePorto, Portugal
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Critical Concrete leverages its Research Lab and Repair Cafés to bring cutting-edge innovations in sustainable architecture to local communities. Practical demonstrations of green roofing, seaweed and mycelium-based insulation, home-scale biogas production, and phytodepuration systems will accompany six public Repair Café events where community members can give new life to household items instead of sending them to landfill. An exhibition will document and curate these activities to demonstrate sustainable architecture’s role in a community-based green transition.


New innovations in sustainable architecture offer immediate, accessible, and cost-effective ways for local communities to join the green transition.


  • Attendance at sustainable architecture demonstrations
  • Number of new sustainable architecture implementations in the community
  • Attendance at Repair Cafes
  • Number of household items repaired for reuse
  • Final exhibition