Spaces of Adaptation
Empowering and legitimising citizen climate action
InCommOnThessaloniki, Greece
Focus areas
Climate ActionEliminating pollution


InCommOn will fund, coach, and publicly promote 8 to 14 small and self-organised sustainable urban development projects in Greece. These resources are especially intended to support vulnerable and underrepresented populations seeking to participate in shaping their communities and neighbourhoods. By helping such projects succeed, InCommOn seeks to demonstrate that small-scale, self-organised initiatives are not only capable of making meaningful impacts, but also have the potential to be scaled up to the municipal—and even regional—level.


Helping small self-organised initiatives overcome administrative difficulties and financial insecurity will lead to more and better sustainable entrepreneurship.


  • Increased participation in neighbourhood development from a wider cross section of the community.
  • Number of newly founded initiatives in the Thessaloniki metropolitan area.
  • Number of projects that can potentially be scaled up for city-wide or regional impact.
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